Why Choose TQHP?

Four words: Our patented processing method. More than four words: Our customer testimonials (Here)

We’ve taken the risk factor of weather out of the equation, and created a unique way to produce hay that is consistently high in quality and nutrition.

Compare hay farming the traditional way with hay farming the TQHP way.

The traditional way:

  1. The farmer gambles on the weather and picks a day to cut the hay.
  2. The cut hay then dries in the field for 4-5 days—if it doesn’t rain.
  3. If it rains, the hay can be ruined.

Even without rain, the hay can deteriorate or be damaged:

* by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, dew, or high humidity
* by being overturned several times for thorough drying
* by being raked into rows in preparation for the baling machine

The TQHP way:

  1. Cutting and Loading the Hay — The hay is cut and directly loaded without ever touching the ground.
  2. No Time Delay — No four- to five-day drying process. We go from cutting to packaging in under four hours to ensure high-quality hay 100% of the time.

For details and pictures, see this page. HERE

You don’t have to take our word for it. See what others are saying about our hay. HERE



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