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Top Quality Hay introduces a NEW small animal pet food using its unique drying technology that guarantees an All-Natural product, superior in nutritional value, color, and palatability for your pets.

The only company to produce this specialty hay fresh from the field, giving your pets the maximum benefits of mother natures natural nutrition.

Our technology is tested and proven

Our Quality is guaranteed

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Because of our unique drying process, here’s what you’ll find in our hay:

• 100% natural color and aroma
• High nutrition levels
• Low moisture levels
• Consistency in flakes and overall quality

What you won’t find is mold, dust, or preservatives

-- there aren’t any -- and there’s no waste. In addition, our drying process kills the potentially harmful organisms that can live in other animal feeds and hay.

TQHP hay is always healthy and nutritious. Your animals will enjoy it and thrive on it. We can also customize our products for you.

Is your horse a picky eater?

Is your horse unhappy with its hay?

Forage Flavor Enhancer - Enhance ordinary hay with Alfalfa Accents today!

The Dollar Stretcher! This product was developed from direct feedback from our customers. Many people wrote to us that there was absolutely no waste when they sprinkle this on our hay. Sometimes they could only find poorer quality hay but their horses would waste a majority of it. Many had a few remaining flakes of TQHP hay and they shook it over the poorer quality less palatable hay. The alfalfa leaves would sift through the hay as the horses ate all of the hay. Top dress ordinary hay with Alfalfa Accents today.

Alfalfa Accents saves money in several ways:

  1. Reduces wasted hay
  2. Less time mucking which saves time and money
  3. Reduces disposal waste which saves time and money
  4. Cost effective way to manage your horses well-being
  5. Increased palatability

Alfalfa Accents is also used as a treat for your horse. Place in a bucket or feed out of your hand.

This contains NO Molasses, Artificial Flavoring, Artificial Color and/ or Preservatives.

100% Natural Product.

Pure Natural Flavor and Nutrition is only a sprinkle Away!

NuzzleSprouts - Mother Nature in a Flake!

Equine Herbal Hay Supplement – nature’s way to complement and maintain the health and well being of your horses.

Mother Nature intended for horses to graze in a natural healthy environment with access to a variety of grasses and herbs. Horses, by nature, have the natural instincts to seek out selected herbs essential in maintaining their health and well being.

Top Quality Hay Processors offers three herbal hay supplements formulated with the highest quality medicinal herbs and Top Quality Hay.

  • NuzzleSprouts for General Wellness: Includes herbs known to provide vitamins and minerals, act as a general tonic, alkalize, cleanse blood, relieve stress, and improve digestion and bowel movement.
  • NuzzleSprouts for Respiratory: Includes herbs historically used to relieve dripping, coughing and respiratory distress caused by allergies to organic dust and pollens.
  • NuzzleSprouts for Anti-Inflammatory: Includes herbs attributed with relieving inflammation and soreness in Joints and muscles increasing circulation and acting as a general tonic.

NuzzleSprouts is beneficial for all breeds regardless of age or discipline

Feeding Instructions: Feed 1 to 3 flakes daily for maximum results. For acute symptoms, feed twice a day for the first 3-5 days

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