About TQHP

Top Quality Hay Processors, in the Finger Lakes region of New York, was founded by hay growers and businessmen who recognized the need for high-quality hay in the marketplace. We have developed a patented process that results in a superior and consistent product. We know that when you see our hay, you’ll recognize its quality and know that we are a brand you can trust.

Our hay is dried within hours of being cut -- and without ever touching the ground. It’s not left out in the field, subjected to rain or the sun’s UV rays, overturned for drying, or raked into rows in preparation for the baling machine. Our hay is just cut, dried, and packaged, retaining its color and nutritional value.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your animals, whether horses, dairy cattle, alpacas, goats, sheep, rabbits, or small animals, will enjoy our product as a superior form of feed. We guarantee that you will be able to identify our product immediately by its superior color, and ultimately by your animal’s enjoyment and performance.

Our Service

We strive to become America’s leading hay supplier. Not only is our product the highest-quality product in the marketplace, but our service is as well. Our customer service personnel are here to serve you, and we are confident in your 100% satisfaction. Because we take the weather factor out of the equation, our customers can count on us to deliver our products without the risks normally attributed to poor weather conditions. It is our goal to meet delivery deadlines 100% of the time, regardless of the season.

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