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Top Quality Hay Processors

At TQHP (Top Quality Hay Processors), our game changing technology produces the highest nutritional quality pet and companion animal feeds in the industry. We know this from lab results, customer feedback, and veterinarian feedback. We’re raising funds to commission clinical trials to support the testimonials and lab results- the next step we need to take on the path to improving our world.

Here’s our story

I’m Jeff Warren, founder of Top Quality Hay Processors (TQHP).
In 2004, I moved my family from South Florida to the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York to live the quiet life. Little did I know where, exactly, that would take me…

My daughter Amber had a horse named Luther - her faithful companion. I wanted to build a riding facility for Luther, for show and board. I was also hoping this would entice Amber to look at colleges in NY instead of heading south to a climate to which she was accustomed. As the word spread that I was looking for land to build this facility, my phone was ringing off the hook from people that wanted to sell me land. A common theme was developing during my search. I found many hay farmers were going out of business, which puzzled me, because where we had moved from hay was selling at $15-$20 per bale. I thought, “How could anyone lose money in the hay business?” Long story short, Amber headed south to college and I decided to learn about the hay (forage) business. I set out to find the best land and purchased the latest and greatest equipment. We planted and fertilized, and wouldn’t you know it, every time I tried to harvest, it would rain, and my hay like everyone else’s was ruined! Now I had experienced firsthand the trials that every hay farmer goes through - the weather was our worst enemy at harvest time. If it rained during the 4.5 to 5 days it takes to harvest hay the traditional way, it was no longer healthy to feed to most animals.

So, I set out on a mission to find a better way, to forever change the forage business. I met my partners and formed TQHP in 2006. Our goal was to improve the plight of forage farmers by developing a method where they could consistently produce the highest quality feeds, regardless of the weather, anywhere in the world!

We have built a patent pending drying system using proprietary game changing technology to completely remove the weather from the equation. We’ve bootstrapped the whole way using our own capital, loans and grants for the R&D of the system. When we finally turned it on, fine-tuned the system, and tested, the results were amazing.

Lab results showed we had a feed product that contained up to three times the protein of traditionally harvested feeds, with vitamin values that were off the charts! It looked and smelled wonderful, and animals absolutely loved it! We also increased the average harvest per acre by 40% which makes the farmers happy, and most importantly, the weather has no impact on our operation – ZERO!

We went to market in 2009, selling to farm supply stores and pet supply stores. We produce feeds for horses, goats, llamas, alpacas, chickens, donkeys, ponies, mice, guinea pigs, bunnies, gerbils and such. The feedback we received from pet/companion animal owners, as well as dairy goat and chicken operations, was sensational! Their animals ate every scrap, no waste. Their hooves and coats were healthier. Dairy goats produced more milk, horses were content. We had a winner!

However, before we can obtain large scale funding to change forever the forage harvesting industry in the US, and globally, we need to complete one more step.

Here’s where we need your help:

We need to commission clinical, control group trials through an accredited institution to formally support our own lab results, and to further confirm the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received from our customers. Our goal is to raise $40k to pay for three trials. Your contribution will go entirely to that goal. Our rewards program is in place to offer you our heartfelt thanks in recognition of your support:

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